Residential Inspection Services

Each Building, Pest and Methamphetamine Inspection, we go above and beyond to provide a quality of service to give our customers a much desired peace of mind.

What do our Building and Pest Inspections entail?

  • A full external and internal inspection of the property.
  • A fully detailed report of the inspections with photographs, backed by an expert witness.
  • Inspections completed by qualified specialists.

At the completion of our inspections, we are able to provide a verbal summary about the condition of the property if required. We then advise that the customer waits until they are provided with our comprehensive  written report to which we guarantee within 24 hours for our building and pest inspections. Methamphetamine inspections are provided within 7 business days due to lab testing.


At FSC consultants, we approach every inspection with the same attention to detail, whether the house be old or new. It is a strong recommendation that future buyers use a combination of services to receive an in-depth image of the properties condition.

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