Construction Forensic Planning and Delay Analysis

Our Consultancy provides quantum, technical and delay investigations, reports and testimony associated with the construction, engineering, infrastructure, services and resource industries. The service incorporates quantum, valuation, delay, disruption, loss and expense type claims including Forensic Planning Services Our practical experience is founded on capability and knowledge base. Our Reports withstand scrutiny under investigation.  As they are soundly founded in unbiased factually referenced in line with Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Accredited Expert Witness Accreditation


Forensic Planning

Our services are founded on both technical experience & professional qualifications. Having the suitable and required Experience combined with Discipline-Specific Qualifications allows me to deal with the specific needs that each client requires and needs.

Having worked internationally and Nationally for Principals & Contractors. We believe in providing the right solution for our Client once understanding their specific needs and circumstances. We can deliver the right strategic approach and solution to each problem that arises.

Expert Opinion/ Witness

Being independent and privately owned, we offer unbiased recommendations reviews, reports and audits to all our clients.
We are driven by a genuine passion for assisting our clients to deliver their projects on time and within budget. To partner with our clients through their projects to meet the Baseline objectives and goals of their specific projects, and assist them when their Projects are experiencing problems.

EOT/ LD Claim Preparation

Parties to a construction contract to analyse a contractor’s or proprietor’s position in regards to delays, and prepare supporting advice and reports for detailed ‘Extension of Time’ or liquidated damages claims.

EOT/ LD Claim Adjudication

We are often called in to a project (regardless of whether there has been an ongoing role or not) to assist with the resolution of delay disputes (’Extension of Time’ or ‘Liquidated Damages’). We assist in managing any delays and identifying areas where lost time could be caught up, thereby mitigating any delays. Development of Agreed Recovery Programs.

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